BRR Architecture‘s Principal/Vice President Megan Whitman shares the five things they’re watching in retail in 2021 – “If a lesson could be learned from 2020, it’s the future cannot be predicted. The ability to react quickly to new challenges is critical to success. Retailers were hit especially hard with this realization over the past year. Those that survived quickly adapted to e-commerce, added or expanded curbside pick-up service and addressed safety concerns in their physical stores. Our BRR team also shifted to adapt to the needs of our retail clients. Our flexibility and innovative thinking allowed us to guide several retailers through these challenges – and do so quickly.”

Megan’s top points for their In-house Retail Innovation Team:

  • Store-in-Store Opportunities
  • Outdoor Retail
  • New Opportunities for Landlords
  • Experiential Retail
  • Corporate Responsibility

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